The musings of a demiurge

Well, here we are dear world, just the two of us. This is supposed to be the start of my wonderful blog, which everyone will agree will be one of the most fascinating and well-written blogs on the whole Internet. This blog, blog number 87 345 972 in the world, will make me, Yaldaboath, famous and rich. The book of the blog will be published in two years, and that will be followed by a Holloywood movie. In five years time I will hire a million monkeys and set them to work writing my blog for me on a million MacPocketPads™, and I will retire to my laboratory in Orbit around Europa, the Jovian moon. Ooh, I wonder what the climbing's like on Europa.

Anyway, Yalda, stop the science fiction author wannabee dreaming and get back to the task at hand. In Plato's Apology Socrates says, "the unexamined life is not worth living", which is what must stand as the basis for this blog, if it is to have one. I will write any old rubbish that comes into a Demiurge's head, of course, because that's what a blog is about, but once in a while I will head on over to the dark side and examine my morals, my values, those things in life that you and I hold dear and that give it meaning. When I do this I have a tendency to annoy and upset people, to disgust them and alienate them, and if anyone actually will read what I write they may find that they don't like me at all. But that's life, hey?

Socrates was wrong, of course. The arrogant bastard was telling other men that it was their lives that were not worth living, in contrast to his own. Now that is the sort of man a demiurge can get on with. Of course, if he was purely saying that for himself his own life would not be worth living if he could not continue his philosophy then "Respect". But that's not how he is usually interpreted, especially by philosophy professors spreading the gospel to their students.

I digress again. My good friend Tiqui told me just to publish a climbing picture of this demiurge if I couldn't think of anything else for my first entry. So here it is: Enjoy!